Posted by: Nicole Pride | April 5, 2010

Rutgers Day Visitor-Turned-Prospective Student

Last Thursday, I had a chat with Michael Freed, a junior at Ridgewood High School. He and his mom, Beth, were just finishing a campus tour.

Mike Reed, a high school junior, is now considering applying to Rutgers because of his Rutgers Day 2009 experience.

So, what does this have to do with Rutgers Day you ask?

Well, Mike’s first Rutgers experience was at Rutgers Day last year. It was during the “cool displays” where Mike made the connection between his love of chemistry and the possibility of pursuing the field of pharmacy.  “It seemed like a natural fit,”  said Mike, who had never considered pharmacy or applying to Rutgers before Rutgers Day last year.

Kudos to Ridgewood High School chemistry teacher Ms. Casatelli and the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy for inspiring Mike.

Already getting acclimated to campus life, Mike ended his visit last week at the “Grease Trucks.” His sandwich of choice: a Fat Darrell.


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