Posted by: Nicole Pride | April 14, 2010

For All You Foodies Out There

Choreg, a sweet bread that is traditionally served during Easter in the Armenian culture.

There will be good eats on every campus at Rutgers Day.

Staples such as barbecue (about a half-dozen BBQs are planned); cupcakes prepared by Rutgers Dining Services; and homemade ice cream offered by the Food Science Club are all going to be available.

But with a university as diverse as Rutgers, you may experience an unfamiliar dish or two to tickle your palate.  Here’s a few samples to whet your appetite (pun intended):
  • The Armenian Club will have traditional dishes such as choreg, a sweet bread traditionally offered around Easter.
  • Hummus; baba ghanoush, a mixture of eggplant, tahini, garlic and lemon juice; and the sweet treat baklava will be provided by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.
  • Try some jerk chickenbeef patties, rice and peas, and other Jamaican dishes at the New Jersey Folk Festival. Also, Thai cuisine such as pad thai-style fried rice, chicken garlic on a stick, and tofu stir fry will be available.

Jamaican beef patties and other caribbean dishes will be available at Rutgers Day.

And, sip on refreshing virgin cocktails (after all this is a family event) at SC&I.

For my hardcore vegan friends, you aren’t forgotten: Take home some Jersey Fresh asparagus from the Rutgers Chapter of the Slow Food movement.


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