Posted by: Nicole Pride | April 23, 2010

Scarlet Shows off Its Green Initiatives

Rutgers' Solar Farm on the Livingston Campus.

OK, maybe I’m a day late with this blog entry, since yesterday was Earth Day.  However, looking at ways we can save energy should be a 365-day activity, right? Tomorrow you will see just how Rutgers practices energy conversation daily.

You can tour Rutgers’ seven-acre solar energy facility. The 1.4 megawatt solar farm generates  about 11 percent of the electrical demand for the Livingston Campus.

Dining Services' award winning chef shows off his dish.

Also, learn about how many of the products consumed and the waste that is created at Rutgers gets recycled for other purposes. For example, there is a program that encourages students not to put more food on their plates than they will eat. However, when students find themselves enticed by the gourmet cuisine at the dining halls but soon realize they are too stuffed to eat, there’s no need to fret. The food that’s thrown away will be used to feed pigs.

To drive home the conservation message, a large papier-mâché tree will be created with hundreds of pages from old newspapers. So, stop by Busch Campus at the Engineering Quad to make your contribution toward the tree.


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