Posted by: John Chadwick | April 24, 2010

Mixing Science and Ice Cream

The process begins: Adding liquid nitrogen to cream and sugar sets off a cool cloud. Photo credit: Christine Chow

Professor Richard Lehman, of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, demonstrates the art of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  The secret recipe: sugar, half & half, light cream and, of course  liquid nitrogen fresh from university labs.

The demonstration is a Rutgers Day crowd-pleaser – kids love to watch the thick vapors rush from the mixing bowl. And, they also like to eat the end product.

The end result: Alvin Rohani, 9, enjoys a taste of rum raisin ice cream. Photo credit: Christine Chow

“It’s food and it’s razzle-dazzle,” Lehman said.

But it’s also a learning experience.

“There is a direct parallel between the way we make ice cream and the the way we work with the materials we develop in the lab,” he said.


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