Posted by: John Chadwick | April 24, 2010

Virtual Tour of Future Campus Dazzles Visitors

Raphael Caprio, right, shows Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick, center, and vistor, Lev Greysman, a virtual tour of the future Livingston Campus. Photo credit: Christine Chow

Visitors to the Livingston Student Center on Rutgers Day got a glimpse into the campus of the future.  A digital portal took them into an online virtual world where they roamed around a redeveloped Livingston Campus.

Everyone was able to view the planned dining hall, dorms and business school as well as the the current buildings that are expected to remain.

“I’m very impressed,” said Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick after viewing the online tour.

Building the campus in an alternate reality makes it possible for students, faculty, alumni and anyone interested to experience the campus and provide feedback before real world resources are used.

“It really provides people with a sense of vision,” said Ray Caprio, vice president for Continuous Education and Outreach, who oversaw the project. “You can actually in scale walk through the vision and see the spacial relations, the size, the height, in a way that you can’t do with the block models.”


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