Posted by: Nicole Pride | April 26, 2010

Until Next Year

Rutgers Day has come and gone. Can you believe it? It was truly a wonderful day.

I hung out on College Avenue. It was cool to see all of the folks taking in the sights and sounds at the stage area and visitors purusing the different tables along Voorhees Mall. And, from dance workshops to dramatizations, Mason Gross School of the Arts definitely captivated passersby.

It was bustling near the student center and “Bishop Beach” area as student groups were enthusiastically talking about their favorite causes and annual activities.

Also, the historical characters were a big hit at the  Old Queen’s Campus. And, there was a steady flow of people who visited the president in his office to chat about anything on their minds and hearts.

Do you know what’s my one regret? I didn’t make it down to the School of Communication and Information for a mocktail.

So, this is it, people. I had a blast sharing with you all Rutgers Day has to offer. I hope you were either informed or entertained. Return next year to get the rundown for Rutgers Day 2011. Until then, check out the photo gallery on the Rutgers Day website.

Ta-Ta for Now,


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