Posted by: John Chadwick | April 4, 2011

Find Your Career at Rutgers Day

Career development has never been so much fun.

On Rutgers Day, Career Services supplies an Alex Trebek impersonator (Ryan Stalgaitis) to host Career Jeopardy.

On Rutgers Day, you can play ‘Career Jeopardy,’ with an Alex Trebek impersonator posing the questions, or try your hand at ‘Who Wants to be a Career Millionaire?’

The ‘Career Zone’ event, which takes place at the Sonny Werblin Recreation Center, will also feature a career ‘doctor’ and a career ‘coach,’ each dressed for the part and ready to discuss career issues with students and members of the public.

Richard L. White, director of Career Services, which is running the event, said the day will be fun and informative.

“We will have, at any one time, six to eight career services professionals engaging in the fun aspect but also able to provide help for anyone needing to have a serious conversation about his or her career,” White said.

Students and faculty from the School of Business – Camden are also getting in on the career fun. They’re bringing a giant board game – ‘Pass Go and Enhance Your Career Path’ – based on the classic games of Monopoly and The Game of Life. That event is also scheduled to take place at Werblin.

“It is going to be a huge game,” said Nathan Levinson, an associate dean at the business school. “The game is all about having choices and making choices, which is what life is all about. Education is one way to get as many choices as you can.”

Faculty will be providing information about careers in many fields, including chemistry, plant biology and pathology, statistics, life sciences, psychology, and communications at various other locations throughout Rutgers Day. Check out the programming website for more information


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