Posted by: Justine Ruddy | April 20, 2011

Make Your TV Debut at Rutgers Day

Want your 15 minutes of fame? You have two chances to make that happen at Rutgers Day this year.

Get your 15 minutes of fame this year at Rutgers Day with these two programs.

While you’re on Busch Campus, stop by “So, You Want to be on TV?” where you can face off to answer questions about television trivia in a Jeopardy-style game, run by the iTV studio.

Participants will be chosen at the Visitor Center at the top of every hour for this 10 minute mini-game show, which will be broadcast on monitors for all to see. You better start studying now because they’ll be giving away an iPod to the finalist!
While you’re there, sign up for summer session television production courses.

If game shows aren’t your thing, you can try your hand at being a meteorologist at  Perry Residence Hall on the Cook/Douglass Campus. “Meteorologist for a Day,” run by RU-tv allows you to stand in front of a green screen and give your own Rutgers Day weather forecast. Participants will receive their own free DVDs of their television debuts.


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