Posted by: Karen Smith | April 25, 2011

Chemistry Events Planned for Rutgers Day

Many thanks to guest blogger Kevin Huang, a junior majoring in cell biology and neuroscience with a minor in chemistry, for this post:

Come join us, the Rutgers Chemistry Department, for Rutgers Day!

Ever wonder what goes on in a first class research university?  We’ll be offering tours of the Rutgers Chemistry Department on Busch Campus where you can learn about the ways we are expanding the frontier of human knowledge.

Learn how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream on Rutgers Day.

Got questions?  Rutgers professors have answers.  They’ll be doing a Q&A out in front of the Wright-Reimann building where you can ask them about anything you may be curious about, from why the sky is blue to why skim milk is white. Bring your best questions.

And don’t miss the chance to get down and dirty with the Rutgers Chemistry Society at our tent, also in front of Wright-Reimann, where we have a bunch of interactive experiments that are great fun for all ages.

Best yet, cool off with our liquid nitrogen ice cream, the perfect treat on a hot day. You can also watch us make it.


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