Posted by: Melissa Kvidahl | April 26, 2011

Inside Access at Rutgers Day

Rutgers Day is about opening the doors to our campus to show New Jersey all of the great things we do here every day. Some of those doors, like those to the Zimmerli Art Museum and Rutgers Stadium, remain open for visitors on a regular basis, but other doors are typically closed to the public. Not on Rutgers Day.

On Busch Campus, you can take the rare opportunity to get an insider’s look at the Rutgers Cell and DNA Repository, the largest such university-based repository in the world. Ask the scientists how their research leads to understanding the genetic causes of common and complex diseases.

Normally you probably wouldn’t want to see the inside of an ambulance, but if you’ve ever been curious as to what EMTs use to save lives, come to the Engineering Quad on Busch. EMTs—some of them Rutgers students—will be on hand to explain and showcase the equipment they use.

If you’re going to the Cook/Douglass Campus, be sure to check out the Floriculture Greenhouse, which will be hosting a variety of events for visitors. Take advantage of this rare chance to tour the greenhouse and learn about the different plants from Rutgers experts. Marvel at beautiful orchids or learn to distinguish edible plants from poisonous ones. But please, no taste testing, or you might just end up seeing the inside of that ambulance…for the wrong reasons!


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