Posted by: Melissa Kvidahl | April 29, 2011

Make the Most of Rutgers Day

Are you thinking about coming to Rutgers Day but not sure how to plan out your time?

You’ve come to the right place because I’ve compiled some last-minute tips that will help you make the most of tomorrow’s events.

Before you leave home, check out the Rutgers Day website to figure out which campus you’d like to visit. Each one has its own flavor. College Avenue is great for history and art aficionados. Cook/Douglass is perfect for nature lovers. And Busch offers sports and science activities galore.

Our site breaks down programming by theme. If you’re interested in seeing some cool science demos, click Science & Technology to find programs. If you’re more of a sports fan, head over to Health, Sports & Recreation to find the best destination.

Follow our tips and have a great Rutgers Day!

There is no need to try to hit every campus on Rutgers Day because you’ll find performances, games, demonstrations, tours, food, and activities on every campus. My advice? Pick one campus this year and come back next year to visit another one.

Once you’ve picked your campus, figure out the best way to get to Rutgers. If you’re driving, all on-campus parking lots will be open and free to visitors. Another option is to take public transit to the College Avenue Campus. You can spend the day there, or you can hop on the free Rutgers Day bus loop to travel to another campus.

Once you arrive, it’s time to enjoy your day. When you’re ready for a quick bite to eat, head over to one of our many food vendors or stop by a campus eatery. Restrooms are available in all buildings that are open for Rutgers Day. If you have any questions, ask a campus greeter in a neon-orange T-shirt, or any of our Rutgers Day staff.

Don’t forget to make sure your phone is charged so you can Tweet and post updates on Facebook about your activities.

Like all great things, Rutgers Day will come to an end, but several local restaurants and hotels are offering special discounts for Rutgers Day visitors so be sure to check them out if you’re not ready to head home come 4 p.m.

See you tomorrow!


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