Posted by: John Chadwick | April 30, 2011

Clowning Around on Rutgers Day

Students from Mason Gross School of the Arts clowning around on Rutgers Day

Students from the Mason Gross School of the Arts donned clown garb on Rutgers Day and charmed the crowds on Voorhees Mall.

If you walked through Voorhees Mall on Rutgers Day, chances are you met up with a band of clowns who implored you to stop, stick around, and have fun.

The clowns, who danced, sang, and jumped at any opportunity to strike up a conversation, were students from the Mason Gross School of the Arts who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to step off the stage and mingle with the people.

“First we came with a game plan to do skits, but that didn’t really work outdoors – so now we are just talking to the people walking by,” said Jasmine Carmichael, a senior BFA acting student. “A lot of times as actors we forget that a major component of our work is to communicate with the audience, and this is a great reminder.”

Maggie D’Ambrose, also a senior BFA acting student, agreed.

“We usually don’t get to come out and mingle with the other colleges in the areas out here,” she said. “But to see families come out with their kids, and to see the alumni, it really gives you a sense of the larger community.”

Norah Scheinman, an MFA student, who sat on the sidelines ready to distribute information about the school, said the clowning around served as a great introduction.

“Clowning is one of the courses that we actually teach at Mason Gross School of the Arts,” she said. “To come out here is a really great, friendly way of introducing ourselves and the school.”


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