Posted by: Carl Blesch | April 30, 2011

Rutgers Engineering Students on the Move Outside Werblin Center

Elie Rosen with self-navigating robot

It seems as if Rutgers engineering students are always on the move. Sometimes slowly and quietly, sometimes quickly and noisily.

The slow and quiet crowd has built a robot that can drive itself around a course full of obstacles using its own GPS navigation, laser sighting device and five cameras. The robot crawls slowly and deliberately, powered by small electric motors fed by batteries in the bottom of the two-foot-tall rectangular platform.

The robot will test its abilities in June against 40 other schools at a competition in Michigan, said Elie Rosen, webmaster of the student group that designed and built it. That group is the Rutgers student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This is Rutgers’ first year in the competition.

Rutgers Formula race car speeds past the woods in back of Werblin Center

The fast and noisy crowd has been doing its thing for two decades now – building and racing open-cockpit, open-wheeled race cars that are about half the size of their Indy car or Formula One racing cousins. Rutgers Formula Racing team members are displaying this year’s car and taking a previous year’s car for spins around the Werblin Center parking lot. The noise of the motorcycle engines that power these cars can be heard across the Busch campus, drawing spectators who have “a need for speed.”

After Rutgers Day is over, the team will pack up their new car and head west for two competitions – one in May in Michigan and a second in June in California.

Read more about Rutgers Formula Racing here.


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