Posted by: Amber E. Hopkins-Jenkins | April 1, 2012

Go Green at Rutgers Day

This sign indicates that you're near a recycling bin. Compost bins will also be available for food and paper products.

Just how important is it to shrink your ecological footprint? Find out at Rutgers Day.

The university is committed to environmental sustainability, from using recycled products to promoting clean energy. Rutgers Day marks the first event for Destination Zero, a new university-wide initiative to minimize Rutgers’ environmental impact by sending zero waste to landfill by 2015. Recycling and composting bins will be plentiful on April 28.

“Rutgers has recycled since 1972 and we’ve been steadily increasing our [recycling] rate,” says Dianne Gravatt, the university’s director for Environmental Services and Grounds, adding that Rutgers has been an environmental forerunner among academic institutions for decades. “We’re ready to make the next leap.”

The Rutgers Initiative for Permaculture Education makes seed balls to help regrow damaged landscapes.

There are also a number of activities devoted to green living. Young environmental stewards will be asked, “How can you save energy?” on Cook/Douglass Campus. Children’s ideas will decorate the EcoTree, which will be installed in Woodbury Bunting-Cobb Residence Hall after Rutgers Day.

Cook/Douglass Campus visitors of all ages may also make seed balls with the Rutgers Initiative for Permaculture Education to help revitalize plant culture, and check out a simulated rainfall demonstration sponsored by the Landscape Architecture Student Club.

Be sure to recycle and compost on Rutgers Day and beyond!


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