Posted by: Fredda Sacharow | April 2, 2012

Let Rutgers Day 2012 Boost Your Career Search

Richard White, director of Rutgers' Career Services, counsels a student.

Pop quiz: This document markets your knowledge, skills and abilities. Is
it (A) Bank statement; (B) Resume; (C) Passport; or (D) 1040 Form.

If you answered B, you’re ready to play “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
career-style on Busch Campus at Rutgers Day 2012, where the pros from Rutgers Career Services will help you find a job while having a little bit of fun in the process.

Other activities at the World of Work include half-hour workshops led by
professionals who will reveal how to write a compelling resume, explain how the social media site LinkedIn can help with your search, and share what makes for a successful interview. (Hint: neatness counts.)

If you’ve ever wanted to explore accounting, finance, management or other related fields, be sure to spin the giant Wheel of Business while interacting with students from Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick.

Students from Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations will boost your knowledge of your rights at work, and Rutgers Business School-Camden will host the exciting board game “Pass Go and Enhance Your Career Path.”

Whether you’re a commencement-ready senior searching for your first
position or a seasoned member of the workforce looking for a new
direction, you’ll find a road map at Rutgers Day.


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