Posted by: Ken Branson | April 3, 2012

Children’s Activities for Everyone at Voorhees Mall

Kids can be their own masterpieces at Rutgers Day.

Families visiting the College Avenue Campus on Rutgers Day will have  many more exhibits and activities to choose from this year — with many programs designed specifically for kids.

At the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum on the corner of Hamilton and George streets, children can get their faces painted with designs ranging from butterflies to dinosaurs to big, block Rs for Rutgers Pride. They can stick their own faces into famous paintings, like the Mona Lisa, in the “Make Your Own Masterpiece” activity. Kids will also be able to make popcorn sculptures and paper-plate portholes, and preschoolers will be able to hear stories related by professional story teller Ellen Musicant.

Visitors will also be able to stage a “getaway” to the ocean, outer space, or some similarly exotic locale by having their photos taken in front of a “green screen” in Room 105 in Voorhees Hall.

Join the Yo-Yo Dojo near Bishop House to learn about how far the art of yo-yoing has advanced since the days of walking the dog.

Being a child is not all fun and games, as any child will tell you. Matthew Mayer of the Rutgers Graduate School of Education will also be on the mall to help children, their parents and teachers find ways to combat bullying.


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