Posted by: Ken Branson | April 4, 2012

For Kids, Rutgers Day Provides Fun, Sneaks in a Little Learning

The ever-popular cockroach race on Cook Campus will fascinate or gross out your kids -- maybe both.

Wherever families go on Rutgers Day, they’ll find plenty to entertain, enlighten and stimulate children, from straightforward fun to educational activities designed to inspire.

On Busch Campus, ThomasPapathomas, professor of biomedical engineering and associate director of the Laboratory of Vision Research, will dazzle audiences with stunning, three-dimensional optical illusions. Engineers will turn cream, sugar and vanilla into instant ice cream with the aid of a little liquid nitrogen. Kids will also be able to watch live fire-safety demonstrations, imagine their future careers with the help of crayons and other media, shoot baskets with members of the Rutgers basketball teams, engage in chemical experiments, see a puppet show about dreams, and write those dreams on a cloud. And, of course, there’s the Kid Zone, with music, rides, temporary tattoos, and face painting.

The Cook/Douglass Campus is full of things to touch, taste, smell and see.

Is there such a thing as an insect petting zoo? Yes, there is, at Rutgers Day on Cook Campus. We supply the microscope.

There will be a farm animal show and a dog show. Puppies slated for service as seeing eye dogs will strut their stuff on Skelley Field. There will be lots of opportunities to dig for things – artifacts at a mock archaeological dig, shells at the Jersey Shore Treasure Hunt, and live shore and sea creatures at the Jersey Coast Touch Tank. Children can build a microscopic bug at the Boisterous Biochemistry and Marvelous Microbes event, and watch the big bugs race in the ever-popular cockroach race. And then, for a complete change of pace, there’s folk music from around the world at the New Jersey Folk Festival.

On the College Avenue Campus, children can get their faces painted, stick their own faces into famous paintings, make arts and crafts, listen to stories, learn some yo-yo magic, and find out how to deal with bullies. Check out our post about the College Avenue activities for details.


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