Posted by: Brittney Katz | April 10, 2012

From Land to Sea: Animals on Rutgers Day

There will be plenty for animal lovers to find at Rutgers Day.

Pet a pig on Rutgers Day!

Starting on the Cook/Douglass Campus, visitors can meet pigs, dairy cattle, horses, sheep, and goats in the farm area at the 106th annual Ag Field Day.

You can also share your love for animals with the Veterinary Science Club that will be hosting a petting zoo in the Cook Farm Piggery.

Normally, you wouldn’t want to encounter an animal that can have up to 3,000 teeth, but you’ll want to find the shark hidden on the Cook Campus Passion Puddle area on Rutgers Day. The Graduate Program in Oceanography will be putting an acoustic transmitter on a stuffed shark and hiding it on campus. Learn how these transmitters work — not only on a stuffed shark but on real fish as well.

For animal lovers who don’t get the opportunity to venture to Cook/Douglass, the College Avenue Campus will give you the chance to take home your own animal… a balloon animal that is. Stop by Reach Out and Read in the Bishop House area to learn how they promote early reading and school prep. Visitors can throw whipped cream pies in the faces of their executive board and take home a balloon animal from land or sea.


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