Posted by: Fredda Sacharow | April 10, 2012

Get Fit, Stay Healthy at Rutgers Day

Priscilla J. Emmanuel checks Juan C. Pacheco's blood pressure at the health-check tent run by the College of Nursing at Rutgers Day 2011.

What does singing “Happy Birthday to You” have in common with staying healthy?

More than you’d imagine, actually, as you’ll learn at Rutgers Day 2012.

The Rutgers Chapter of the New Jersey Public Health Association, one of many resources focusing on health and fitness for all ages on Rutgers Day, recommends that kids wash their hands for as long as it takes to sing the perennial party favorite to keep away nasty bugs that cause colds and flu.

Students from the chapter will share that tidbit and others while providing games and activities for the younger set in the Red Oak Lane area of Cook Campus.

St. Peter’s Healthcare System’s mobile health van will be on College Avenue to take your blood pressure and monitor your blood-glucose level, as well as to offer information on breast health and the importance of exercise.

And should your favorite teddy bear be ailing (oh, noooo), St. Peter’s professionals will be standing by to perform the ursine version of CPR.

Zumba classes and body fitness activities, anyone? Staffers from Robert Wood Johnson Hospital’s new health and fitness center will be leading exercises on College Avenue, while hospital personnel partner with Safe Kids Middlesex County to provide tips on injury prevention and passenger-seat safety.

If you’ve finally vowed to kick the nicotine habit, the College Avenue booth staffed by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey should be high on your Rutgers Day itinerary. There you’ll learn the facts behind tobacco dependency and perhaps take the first step toward a smoke-free future.


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