Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 16, 2012

Weather Fans Find Much to Love at Rutgers Day

The temperatures across the state April 16 posted on the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist website

If you’ve bookmarked the Doppler radar on your computer, regularly visit the National Hurricane Center website or just like to check the weather forecast first thing in the morning, you will find plenty of activities to peak your interest at Rutgers Day.

Start off with a visit to “Ask Your State Climatologist” on the Cook Campus and chat with the state’s noted weather watcher David Robinson.

Robinson is armed with plenty of interesting weather facts. Did you know that the first three months of 2012 were the warmest and third driest since 1895? And if you want to find out if we should expect a hot summer, Robinson has an answer.

“Seven of the 10 warmest summers in more than a century have all been in the last decade,’’ Robinson said. “We have been on this string of exceptionally warm months. So if one were to play the persistence card, you can say this is likely to be a summer that is above average.’’

Check out the weather station on display and consider signing up to be a precipitation observer. Then take your family to visit the Rutgers Meteorology Club’s Wild World of Weather exhibit. Make a tornado in a bottle and play some other games. Visit the Weather Watchers nearby and experience what it’s like to be a forecaster.

For your final stop on the weather tour, visit the Rutgers Climate and Environmental Change Initiative on the Cook Campus. Measure the day’s temperature, play the carbon mitigation wedge game to learn how to reduce green house gases, and find out the difference between weather and climate.

“Weather is what you wear today,’’ said Marjorie Kaplan, associate director of the initiative. “Climate is what you have in your wardrobe.’’


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