Posted by: Melissa Kvidahl | April 25, 2012

Have a Fantastic Rutgers Day

If you’re coming to Rutgers Day, you may have questions. Where are you going to park? Where are the restrooms? How will you get around? Fear not, readers. This post will tell you everything you need to know to have a great time at Rutgers Day.

The first, and most important, thing to know about Rutgers Day is that it’s free. None of our activities charge

This way to Rutgers Day!

admission, and all university parking lots will be open and free of charge.

We also have a free bus loop that will run all day to bring you to the different campuses. That said, the best plan is to choose one campus to visit this year and come back next year to visit the others.

Which one should you choose? College Avenue spotlights the power of imagination through the arts and humanities, and is the home of the new R GardenBusch is the sports and science hub, offering the spring football game, athletic activities, and experiments and technology demos. Cook/Douglass, as always, is a great destination for animal lovers and Ag Field Day faithfuls.

Restrooms are available in all buildings open for Rutgers Day. Most buildings, with the exception of historic structures, are handicapped accessible.

Outdoor vendors are bringing unique foods to each campus. On College Avenue, you can find them in front of Ford Hall (and of course, at the famous grease trucks); Busch’s vendors are located in the Life Sciences Area near Allison Road; and you can find vendors at Cook/Douglass on College Farm Road, Lipman Drive, or at the New Jersey Folk Festival.

Early birds planning to shop plant sales at Cook Campus should keep in mind that College Farm Road and Lipman Drive will be closed for the day.

If you’re coming with a bus group, we’re looking forward to having you. Just make sure to contact to get special information.

Still have questions about Rutgers Day? Head over to our Facebook page to ask us anything. Check out our online tips. Or, email

See you on Saturday!


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