Posted by: Amber E. Hopkins-Jenkins | April 26, 2012

Play Games at Rutgers Day

Mason Gross theatre students Justin Kruger, Jasmine Carmichael and Maggie Diambrose "clown around" during Rutgers Day.

Are you in the mood for a little friendly competition? An array of exciting games (and prizes!) will be presented by schools, fraternities and cultural organizations during Rutgers Day.

A gaming extravaganza awaits you on College Avenue Campus. Start at the Zimmerli Art Museum, where your entire family is invited to become art detectives by solving puzzles for exciting prizes in the museum’s galleries.

The Asian American Cultural Center and the Center for European Studies are just two examples of cultural crafting and game stations on the College Avenue Campus. (You mustn’t miss the astounding paper cutting talents of Master Hou-Tien Cheng.)

The Delta Gammas challenge you to Tic-Tac-Toe on College Avenue.

Who’s better at tic-tac-toe – you or a Delta Gamma?  Not only will there be prizes for those who best the sorority members on College Avenue, but you are welcome to ask more about Greek life and discover the mission of their organization.

While you’re on Cook/Douglass Campus, enjoy Kingyo-Sukui , the traditional Japanese festival game of scooping goldfish. Winners get to take their new pets home along with new knowledge about Japanese culture courtesy of the Anime and Japanese Environmental Society.

Rutgers Business School student Daniel Moore guides a young visitor's aim at the RBS Bean Bag Toss.

After acquiring your new pet fish, toss a pie or dunk a Lambda Theta Phi fraternity brother to provide scholarships for Latino college students.  The campus Girl Scouts, Troop RU, will host a scavenger hunt (with cookies).

Test your aim and coordination on Busch Campus by tossing rings around the neck of a glass bottle or bean bags to spell “R-B-S” and win prizes from Rutgers Business School.  It’s so much harder than it looks.


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