Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 27, 2012

Explore a Virtual World at Rutgers Day

Choose your avatar and check out the new Rutgers Business School Building

Enter the virtual world at Rutgers Day and see the future of the university before it happens.

Visit with the Division of Continuing Studies at the Busch Campus Center and choose your avatar – a virtual representation of yourself – and even become a robot or a dragon. Guide your virtual alter ego through the new Rutgers Business School building and the future Livingston Campus. Set your avatar to fly and see Rutgers from a birds-eye view. Visit a virtual Old Queens campus and Rutgers Gardens. Or learn what it’s like to step into a virtual negotiation session through the School of Management and Labor Relations.

While you are there, find out how virtual worlds at Rutgers have been used to revolutionized learning.

“You don’t have to engage in the same model of education where students sit in rows and the teacher is telling students what they should be knowing,’’ said Richard Anderson, director of virtual worlds for the university. “You can change that all around and be in an environment that encourages different modes of learning and involves everybody.’’

Next take a different type of virtual journey through the “Green Screen Getaway” on the Cook/Douglass, College Avenue and Busch campuses. Have your picture taken in front of the screen and then chose your background. Transport yourself into different scenes from around the world, visit the moon, or insert yourself by Passion Puddle.

Make one more stop on the Busch Campus to learn how the mind can get fooled. Visit the Center for Cognitive Science and Department of Biomedical Engineering to check out spectacular 3-D illusions during 30-minute shows. Find out how understanding illusions are useful in studying the brain.


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