Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 28, 2012

Meet the Animals at Rutgers Day

Oliver Grasberger, 3, visits the petting zoo at Rutgers Day

Get your dose of cuteness and get in touch with the university’s agricultural roots visiting the animals on Cook Campus during Rutgers Day. Check out the equestrian activities in the barn area and visit the piglets, which are always a big draw.

“They are so cute they remind everyone of puppies,’’ said Candice Perez, a junior animal science major.

Learn about Rutgers Seeing Eye Puppy Raisers and watch the 4-H dog show on Skelley Field. Try to catch a show of the animal handling, fitting and exhibition class with their goats and sheep. Then bring your children to the petting zoo where they can get up close to a two-month old lamb and two-week old piglets.

After a visit to the petting zoo with their children, Elisabeth Grasberger and her husband Andrew Dorman, both Rutgers Alum, said they love returning to Rutgers Day and sharing their memories of the university.

“It’s nice to bring our children back and say this is where we graduated,’’ said Elisabeth Grasberger.


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