Posted by: Fredda Sacharow | April 28, 2012

Flash Mob: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

A flash mob performance of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" draws an appreciative crowd to Voorhees Mall.

If you blinked, you missed it – and what a loss for you!

Some 80 students and others answered the call from the Graduate School of Education soliciting members for a flash mob to perform Lady Gaga’s anthem, “Born This Way,” on the Voorhees Mall today.

What, you ask, are flash mobs? For the uninitiated, they’re exceedingly brief performances that seem to spring up spontaneously at malls, city halls, and other venues, then vanish just as suddenly. They’ve been part of the urban and suburban scene for about a decade, captivating audiences wherever they appear.

Today’s was the brainstorm of Jennifer L. St. Pierre of the Rutgers’s Graduate School of Education, who solicited participation through the school’s web site, and fifth-year student Caitlin Krow, who choreographed the three-minute routine.

“It felt really, really good to be part of it,” says Laura Mingers, a graduate student who saw the initial post and thought it would be “totally cool” to have a role. She says the dancers practiced en masse in the Rutgers gym on College Avenue once, otherwise perfecting the dance moves on their own in front of their computers and in university parking lots.

In addition to the entertainment value,  St. Pierre designed the performance to help promote the Graduate School’s new mission, “Excellence and Equity in Education.”


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