Posted by: Carl Blesch | April 28, 2012

They come to Rutgers Day by the busload

School groups enjoy visiting Rutgers Day, including 130 students from Smalley Middle School in nearby Bound Brook. This is the third time that sixth-grade math teacher Joe Santicerma has brought students to Rutgers Day, and, as a math teacher might say, his groups have grown exponentially.

“In the first year, we had maybe 20 kids – half a bus,” he said. “Then last year, we had 90.”

Sixth-grade math teacher Joe Santicerma, background center, and middle school students from Bound Brook catch some rays with solar cells in the engineering area on the Busch Campus.

Santicerma and his teaching and guidance colleagues are trying to get their students thinking about college early.

“Our focus is to inspire them,” he said. “Rutgers Day and the Scarlet-White Football Game provide the perfect venue for our students to experience college academic programs and departments, as well as extracurricular activities.”

An activity like Rutgers day also helps young students relate to their teachers and sparks their interest in learning

“You have a nice rapport with students when they see you outside the school environment,” Santicerma said. “It makes them eager to do well in class.”

The students enjoyed lunch in the Busch Dining Hall, visited exhibits in the stadium and engineering areas, and finished their day watching football.

“I enjoy bringing them to Rutgers, since I’m an alumnus,” he proudly said.


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