Posted by: Melissa Kvidahl | April 2, 2013

Eureka! Scientific Discovery at Rutgers Day

Budding scientists and technology aficionados will find no shortage of demonstrations and hands-on activities on the Busch Campus this Rutgers Day.

Busch Campus is home to the annual Engineering Open House and boasts dozens of interactive events all day long. You can see how engineers make ice cream using liquid nitrogen, or watch glass blown into cool objects. Fly high with a flight simulation program to get a sense of how planes work, or if you’d rather stay close to the ground, check out a formula race car built and driven by Rutgers students and a solar car which runs completely on energy from the sun.

If you love robots, be sure to check out the Rutgers Navigator, a robot designed and programmed by students. It can maneuver an outdoor obstacle course using its own computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Finally, chemistry professors perform exciting experiments designed to entice scientific curiosity in all ages. See the principles covered in chemistry classes brought to life. My tip? Get there early because space is limited. Watch explosions and other chemistry in action, all at Rutgers Day.


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