Posted by: stetler735 | April 17, 2013

Barbie is a Real Doll on Rutgers Day

Ever wonder what a life-sized Barbie would look like?

Find out on Rutgers Day, when Rutgers Project Heal, a student group that focuses on eating disorders and body image, unveils a 5’4 Barbie. It will be on display at the College Avenue Campus near Bishop House.

barbieProject Heal constructed the doll from a wooden frame, covered in chicken wire and paper mache. Her rubber head was purchased at a cosmetology store and she wears a platinum wig.

As for her outfit on Rutgers Day, Kelly Hoyt, who orchestrated the construction of the doll, is still undecided. “But I’m leaning toward a dress with leggings and boots,’’ she says.

If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have trouble buying pants, not to mention a bra. That’s because her life-sized measurements would be 27-18-29. “She wouldn’t fit into any sizes because the smallest waist size you can get is 23.

“And children’s sizes wouldn’t fit her because her hips are too big,’’ says Hoyt, head of Rutgers Project Heal. Hoyt and other members of the group are building the life-size Barbie to illustrate the doll’s unrealistic proportions.

Hoyt, a sophomore majoring in cell biology and neuroscience, is one of Barbie’s many critics, who believes the doll exerts an unspoken but powerful influence on young girls as one of their first models of ideal womanhood. Although as children, many girls don’t explicitly want to look like Barbie, she’s one in a long line of unattainably thin, airbrushed images that bombard women for the rest of their lives, fueling dissatisfaction with their bodies,

Hoyt contends. “Looking back, I realized I noticed how tiny her body shape was,” she says. “When I was little I knew I always wanted to look pretty.’’


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