Posted by: Amber E. Hopkins-Jenkins | April 24, 2013

Discouraging ‘Texting While Driving’ to Save Lives on Rutgers Day

stoptextingCheck the last text message you sent from your mobile phone. Was it worth dying for?

Definitely not.

That is the message AT&T is spreading with its public service campaign, “It Can Wait,” which will come to High Point Solutions Stadium on Rutgers Day.

Of all cell phone related tasks — including talking, dialing, or simply reaching for the phone — texting from behind the wheel is the most dangerous.

According to a recent poll, nearly half of commuters admit to texting while driving, though 98 percent say they know it’s unsafe. Drivers who text are 23 times more likely to be in a crash.

Rutgers Day visitors will have the opportunity to take a spin in a car fitted with a texting-while-driving simulator to learn more about the dangers.

Through a head-mounted display, the “drivers” will see a fully-rendered virtual reality generated by a computerized system installed in the car. The software recreates real-life driving scenarios including pedestrians, red lights and cars changing lanes to demonstrate how distractions can delay response times.

“Simply put, our goal is to save lives,” said J. Michael Schweder, president, AT&T Mid Atlantic. “Lives are forever changed – and even ended – because of texting while driving… Take the pledge to  never text and drive and make it a lifelong commitment.”


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