Posted by: robertforman2014 | April 17, 2014

Do You Have What it Takes to Perform Brain Surgery?

ImageYou’ve certainly heard people use the expression, “It’s not brain surgery!” to describe a job that isn’t especially hard. Well, on Rutgers Day, April 26, you will have the chance to experience something that is brain surgery.

Neurosurgery experts from Rutgers’ two medical schools will demonstrate what it’s like to be a brain surgeon.

On the College Avenue Campus, you will find an exhibit called Brain Surgery for/on Dummies. Real neurosurgeons from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School will be there to show you how both brain and spine surgery are done – on the same highly sophisticated computer simulators that they use to train young neurosurgeons. Then they will give you the opportunity to perform “surgery” on model skulls, and to show off your skills by trying to drill a hole in a “brain” made of Jello. “Maybe we will recruit you on the spot!” says the school’s director of cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery, Gaurav Gupta. Or maybe you’ll make such a mess that the good doctor and his associates will steer you gently but firmly toward a profession that isn’t brain surgery.

On the Busch Campus, a team from the Neurological Institute of New Jersey at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School will give prizes to people who can perform under pressure while playing the nerve-wracking games “Operation” and “Brain Surgery” – while an exhibit nearby will explain some of the brain’s mysteries. Barry Levin, professor and interim chair of the school’s Department of Neurology and Neurosciences, says these brain presentations give people an important look “behind the curtain” at some complicated stuff. “Patients are often scared when faced with a neurological disease or disorder because there can be stigmas related to these diagnoses,” says Levin. “Getting out into the community to give patients more insight into what we do is invaluable.”

It’s invaluable, and it also will be lots of fun. So, see you there!


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