Posted by: robertforman2014 | April 26, 2014

Busch Campus — The Wonder of Flight, With or Without Pilots


Flight simulator in action!

Flight simulator in action!

Without engineers to build them right, machines wouldn’t work, bridges would collapse and planes would never fly. At Rutgers School of Engineering, students are learning to do it right! In fact, Rutgers is one of just a handful of universities across the country that the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized to test the next big (or very tiny!) thing in aviation — unmanned drones. There is a reconnaissance and photography drone on display on the Busch Campus from now ’til 4:00. Come touch it, look at the electronics inside, and ask lots of questions. Engineering students here know the answers. Also, use the flight simulator at the same exhibit as James Richard Durko of Edison is doing here, and try to keep your “plane” from crashing! All that, and it’s even next to the barbecue grills where the food will be great and plentiful.


Rutgers drone ready for flight



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