Posted by: robertforman2014 | April 26, 2014

CSI: Rutgers

A young visitor gets a taste of police work

A young visitor gets a taste of police work.

Book ’em, Dan-O!

If you ever wondered what fingerprinting is all about, come on over to the Busch Campus. First you put your hand on one of the panels on this board (don’t worry, your prints will be wiped clean and NOT kept! Sorry, NSA.), and then Rutgers’ Program in Criminal Justice will show you how to apply a special white powder so you can positively identify yourself!

How does it work? Your skin contains natural oils, which are transferred to surfaces you touch. The powder you gently brush over the “crime scene” sticks to the oil, and the pattern of your prints shows up for you and Law Enforcement to see.

People doing it were having a blast when your faithful Rutgers Day blogger was there. Abigall Sciutto* has nothing on these Rutgers sleuths!

*Forensic whiz on NCIS



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