Posted by: robertforman2014 | April 26, 2014

Cupcake Heaven on the Busch Campus


You can take a cupcake expertly iced by Rutgers Dining Services …

You can’t keep people away from this table at Rutgers Day! Rows and rows of delicious cupcakes attract visitors enjoying the day on the Busch Campus.

Do you like your cupcakes ready made? Staffers from Rutgers Dining Services have shown magnificent technique squeezing dollops of colorful icing onto cupcakes by the dozen.

... or custom decorate your own!

… or custom decorate your own!

Do you have a touch of the artist in you? Then go for a masterpiece.  Bring strong hands to squeeze out your own icing, and then put on some additional toppings. Eating should always be this much fun.


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