Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 26, 2014

The Science Behind Ice Cream

Kieran Rogers, almost three, enjoying the Food Science Club's Ice Cream Sale.

Kieran Rogers, almost three, enjoying the Food Science Club’s Ice Cream Sale.

What does science have to do with making ice cream?


There is actually science behind all the food we eat, said Marissa Letinski, president of the Rutgers Undergraduate Food Science Club.

Letinski will be spending Rutgers Day explaining the connection between food and science to anyone who drops by for the homemade ice cream sale on Cook Campus. Hurry up before the Tahitian Vanilla, Blueberries and Cream or Cappuccino Ice Cream sells out.

Food scientists are not chefs, she said, but they are the people responsible for making sure everything we eat is safe.

The food science club has been serving ice cream during festivities on the last weekend in April for decades. It’s a tradition that started as a reminder of the days when fresh milk and ice cream were sold at Dudley Farm, Letinski said.

The day is also a chance for the food science club to share information about their chosen career path.

“We touch everyone’s lives with food science, but no one knows what food science is,’’ Letinski said.

“Everything you eat from the supermarket, a food scientist has developed, reformulated and made healthy,’’ Letinksi said. “Even the produce – a food scientist has figured out a way to get it to the supermarket at its freshest.’’


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