Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 26, 2014

Welcoming the Mongolian Ambassador

Bulgaa Altangerel, Mongolian Ambassador to the United States

The Mongolian Ambassador to the United States, Bulgaa Altangerel, said he was honored by the warm welcome he received during the 40th anniversary of the New Jersey Folk Festival.

The festival celebrated Mongolian culture with a display of yurts – or tents – which represent the country’s traditional architecture. The ambassador was recognized as the honorary grand marshal of the folk festival, one of the many events at Rutgers Day.

Joanna Regulska, vice president for international and global affairs at Rutgers, said she hopes the ambassador’s visit will provide an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the country. She was one of several dignitaries from Rutgers who met with Altangerel during his visit.

The ambassador also spoke with Olaf Jensen, an assistant professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Science, whose research focuses on climate change in Mongolia.

“The air temperature in Mongolia over the last 40 years has risen at three times the global average,’’ Jensen said. “If you want to understand what climate change is likely to do here, we can go over there and see what is happening already.’’

Jensen said he also believed the ambassador’s visit would provide an opportunity to strengthen ties.

“Hopefully it will give me a chance to develop better collaborations with Mongolian universities at the official level,’’ Jensen said. “It always helps to have stronger official ties.’’


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