Posted by: Andrea Alexander | April 21, 2015

A Rutgers Day Guide to Please the Palate

Share your Rutgers pride at the 'R' cupcake displays.

Share your Rutgers pride at the ‘R’ cupcake displays.

Satisfy your sweet tooth, experience French culture the way they do in France, or stop by The Knight Wagon on College Farm Road to find out what the food truck craze is all about.

No matter what pleases your palate, there will be plenty to choose from when your stomach starts to growl at Rutgers Day.

Are you a lover of cheese or French culture? Drop by the Fromage Frenzy on the Voorhees Mall to try to identify an assortment of French cheeses. Visit with the French Department to celebrate French culture as they do in France – with food – and mark the culmination of “French at Rutgers” week.

If you are concerned about how your food choices affect the environment and are searching for ideas about healthy eating, then drop by the Slow Food Rutgers table on the Cook/Douglass Campus and talk to students who are part of an international movement. Sample some lightly grilled local produce and take home organic vegetable seeds planted in reused egg cartons for your home garden.

When your feet get tired from walking around to take in all the activities, visit any of the campus dining halls for a $10 all-you-can-eat lunch. Grab a seat and recharge

After lunch comes the most important time of the day: dessert! And there will be plenty of options on Rutgers Day. The Rutgers Student Bakers, a community service organization that holds bake sales to combat childhood hunger, will be selling all kinds of sweet treats. Try their Pink Lemonade Cake Shooters, Strawberries and Cream Muffins, Smore’s Brownie Bars, Strawberry Cupcakes with a Pink Champagne Frosting, and Mocha Chocolate Truffles.

If your ideal dessert is held in the palm of your hand and topped with a generous amount of frosting, take heart that the cupcake craze still rages on Rutgers Day. The Rutgers Dining Services bakeshop has been busy this week preparing 12,000 cupcakes. Share your Rutgers pride and grab a treat at the ‘R’ cupcake displays on the Voorhees Mall and Cook/Douglass Campus. Or try your hand at decorating with one of the 6,000 cupcakes on display at the engineering quad on Busch Campus.

While on Busch Campus , you also can see how the principles of science can be applied to the joy of ice cream. Watch what happens when Rutgers engineers add liquid nitrogen to a few simple ingredients.

No matter what you are in the mood for on Rutgers Day, there will be plenty to satisfy your appetite.


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