What is Rutgers Day?
Rutgers Day is your chance to get a glimpse of exciting things happening at New Jersey’s state university. With free performances, exhibits, hands-on activities, and demonstrations, Rutgers Day will engage and inform you about the valuable contributions the university makes to the people of New Jersey and beyond. Departments, schools, classes, and student organizations will show you what they are teaching, learning, and doing as part of a Rutgers education.

Who should attend?
Everyone is invited to Rutgers Day. Bring your family and friends. This is also a great field trip for school groups. There will be interesting, informative, and entertaining activities for parents and children, teens, current and prospective students, faculty and staff, and the general public. It is an especially great day for alumni to bring their families and share stories about where they went to school.

How can I plan my day?
Browse programs on this website by your area of interest or by location. Most programs run continuously from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but some have specific times listed. The website will also have maps and a PDF of our program booklets that you can download so you can better plan your day. Booklets will also be available when you arrive.


Still have questions?

Email rutgersday@ucm.rutgers.edu.

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